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What makes a good video?

By: Ballywire Newsdesk

It’s a question that bedevils everyone.

How can I make this video project compelling?

Needless to say every client has their own hopes, dreams, aspirations and video objectives but here’s something

that may be of interest. It’s not that often that you get good advice on how your timeline should come together or how

major content providers handle the business of video content creation.

One of the biggest media brands in the world is Bloomberg, and for some reason I found myself getting

sent an invite to a webinar they held entitled ‘Creating compelling video content’. It would have been rude

not to attend!

To save you the prospect of sitting through an (enjoyable!) hour on the issue have a squint at the presentation

below which may be of help.

You’re welcome.

photo credit: 2011-08-02-14-57-21_1000000920 via photopin (license)